Tikvat David is a community of faith in Yeshua, committed together to following his way of devotion, joining with him in making the kingdom of heaven a reality now, and finding peace in the reconciliation only he brings. We are committed to Jewish life in Yeshua and we are a community inclusive of intermarried families and non-Jewish families who share our vision. 

We believe Yeshua is the greatest Torah teacher of all time. His way of revealing Torah included repairing the world, healing people, instructing disciples to have a future vision of the kingdom of heaven on earth, practicing radical love for every neighbor, and making a priority of love and justice above all other aspects of Torah.

Making the kingdom of heaven a reality now.

Practicing Jewish life in the way of Yeshua.
Being a community of hospitality, kindness, and outreach.
Learning together Torah and the way of Messiah.

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